This module is aimed exclusively at people who have completed training as podiatrists.
Here we would like to show you some forms of treatment to refresh or expand your existing knowledge.

The instructional video includes the following content:
problem feet
Mechanical foot care
Presentation of the milling devices
  • clippers
  • corner pliers
  • Pliers for skin removal
  • Excavators
scalpel technique
  • OR blade (large-scale cornification)
  • Hollow chisel blade (selective horning)
cutter customer
  • rebating
  • cylinder
  • Special milling cutter (20,000 revolutions)
  • Special milling cutter (40,000 revolutions)
  • cap grinder
  • Thickened nails
  • hyperkeratosis
  • fissures
  • Correct nail cutting
  • Clavus (corn)
  • The workplace
  • Instruments
  • disinfection
  • sterilization
Package for module C:
  • As an e-learning training for 4 months
  • Via video training