Info about the online courses …

In the following we give you further information about the procedure and how to use it for distance learning.

You will receive detailed video material for all modules. The training documents tailored to modules A and B are available in the languages; German, English, Turkish, Polish or Russian. You can use the contact form to ask us your open questions at any time and we will contact you after 24 hours at the latest. The webinars are held as required or in a group or individually. You have the option to ask open questions up to 24 hours in advance. We will then treat these sorted according to receipt.

Feetcare-School GmbH works in the modules with instruments and devices from Gustav Baehr GmbH in Waiblingen. For this purpose, we have attached order forms as PDF files to the respective modules, so that you have the opportunity to order your personal equipment directly from Baehr and receive a 10% student discount.