Welcome to your future! 

We would like to make you curious and encourage you to start a part-time or full-time job regardless of your job and family

“In today’s fast-paced world, professional pedicure is in demand as never before – with the FeetCare School courses we offer you a very good opportunity to learn the required knowledge with fun. We support you with high-quality instructional videos and an easily understandable theory. In our webinars you can ask open questions and get further tips and tricks.”

Birgit Nehring, Founder of FeetCare School


Our instructional videos and training materials are easy and understandable. They are aimed at interested parties “without previous knowledge” as well as colleagues who would like to “expand” your service.

Distance learning adapts to your life situation. Whether you do the course during the day, in the evening or at the weekend is entirely up to you.

If you click on the individual modules, you will receive the desired information about the theoretical and practical training content.

We are here for you. If you need support, please send us your open questions using our contact form. If problems arise in practice, send us a short video with your smartphone and we will help you

The foot care school Koeln also offers practical support in your training rooms.

With the individual instructional videos you get the necessary security with the coordinated steps.

Our podiatry school has 30 years of experience. The Feetcare School is a start-up of the Fusspflegeschule-Koeln.de

E-learning or online training are up-to-date and are now increasingly used in industry and business. You can learn from the comfort of your own home or on the go, at your own pace with your own time. This saves you high hotel costs and long journeys.

In home learning (learning from home) we offer the following online training: [/ vc_column_text]

You can ask questions about modules A and B in regular webinars, or we will support you with further tips and tricks.

For modules A and B, you have the option of taking an in-house exam at the foot care school in Cologne in addition to the tested “online training”. You will come to Cologne in module A with one model and in module B with two models. The theory and practice will be approved by a lecturer and after passing the exam you will receive a certificate on “Cosmetic hand and foot care in the wellness area” in Module A or a certificate on “certified specialist foot care” in Module B.

Module C includes “problem foot treatments” and is aimed at colleagues who are already working in foot care and may want to reduce uncertainties or need a “refresher”. There is no examination and no certificate in this module.

We offer you the coordinated work material from Gustav Baehr GmbH in Waiblingen for the instructional videos. You will then receive a “student discount” and can order and pay for it directly from the wholesaler using the prepared PDF order form. The high-quality equipment makes your work easier and makes you appear more professional. So you can also “make money”.

Now I hope you enjoy reading and dreaming – and maybe let your dream become a “reality”.


Birgit Nehring

Your Coach for the Online Courses