Read what other course participants have experienced with our online course offer.

Anna Grünewald (Altenpflegerin)
As a geriatric nurse, I look forward to a training course that I can learn in my time alongside my shift work. Every step is well explained and the coordinated working materials make it easier for me to implement. I can learn in my time and don’t feel under pressure if there is always a teacher behind me. It is so much
Alexandra Gazendam (Unternehmerin)
This training format is ideal for all those who want to continue their professional training in hand and foot care. An absolute plus is the flexible timing in which everyone can work through the individual modules at their own pace.
Andreas T. Seklecki (Fusspfleger)
I completed my training as a” medically certified podiatrist “at Fußpflegeschule-Koeln.de and learned to work professionally with a scalpel, milling cutter and other instruments. Because I was enthusiastic and left the course with a lot of new knowledge and did not stand still I would like to stay all the more pleased
Bettina Gödderz (Fusspflege und Kosmetikerin)
I completed my training as a podiatrist many years ago. This is why this spa application is an ideal addition to my business. The instructional video is easy to understand and the work steps are explained in detail My customers enjoy this pampering
Jasmine Kuliev (Kassiererin)
This online course is exactly what I was looking for. A course that I can do from home and, thanks to the videos, offers a very high quality.” I am thrilled “!
Claudia von Hal-Buschhausen (Kfm. Angestellte)
Learning a spa treatment in the area or in combination with a foot care treatment can be done very well from home on your own PC. For this, the “Fußpflegesche Köln” under the direction of Ms. Birgit Nehring has developed a very good concept. Understandable step-by-step explanations give you the opportunity to compare


Known from the ARD morning magazine

``Beautiful nails`` - in the portrait Birgit Nehring

Lecturer at the DAK for holistic applications, various trainings at the VHS, trainer at the LVR for training employees in foot care in assisted living, psychological consultant.
Self-employed in the fields of coaching, training, education and further training for over 30 years.

Welcome to our new current page in e-learning, learn from home with a distance learning course.

We offer you a modern form of training in which you can learn foot care training, pedicure training, hand care training, manicure training, nail design training and foot massage training in the comfort of your own home, at no additional cost, such as hotel or travel.

If you click on the individual modules, you will receive the desired information about the theoretical and practical training content.

As a recognized training company, you have the option of submitting your education check or bonus voucher from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This will reimburse you 50% of the training costs.

We would be happy to inform you!

We are there for you. If you need support, please send us your open questions using our contact form. If problems arise in practice, send us a short video with your smartphone and we will help you.

The foot care school in Cologne also offers practical support. The “start-up” of the Cologne foot care school enables people from all professions to offer a new or additional service, even without previous knowledge. Online training has already established itself in large companies and we have joined this current form of training as a modern company. The coordinated steps in our instructional videos show you step by step foot care training, pedicure training, manicure training and foot massage training and how you can easily put them into practice.

Distance learning in hand care and pedicure adapts to your life situation, because you can study it with free time.

In an online foot care school, online pedicure school, online manicure school or in an online hand care school you decide yourself when and with what use you learn. With free time allocation you have the possibility to repeat each step until you feel absolutely safe.

The core competencies of online pedicure training or online pedicure training are to support each participant in their abilities and wishes. For example, you can learn pedicure or pediatric training during a pedicure training. Pedicure training is more about pedicure, which puts the wellness aspect in the foreground. Foot care training that also offers equipment technology is useful and is often used in foot care or hand care.

In module A, in the chapter Training foot care we teach you a wellness application. You can incorporate blocks from the spa area. Pamper and care for your customers with a foot bath that appeals to the senses and appropriate nail care that also includes corneal treatment. In the Manicure Training chapter, we will teach you basic care with nail polish. Practice different lacquer techniques or gel lacquers and put them into practice. In addition, in the chapter Training foot massage you can specifically apply the handles and strokes that trigger relaxation and well-being for your customer.

In module B you will receive foot care training from us that will be supported by equipment. We teach you in small, precisely explained steps how to operate the milling tools correctly and which milling attachments are suitable for which treatment and are used.

In our online pedicure training you will also receive the theoretical documents in English, Russian, Polish or Turkish.

As a full-time or part-time job, you can build a further mainstay with a foot care training or a hand care training and become independent.